Brownstone Insurance Managers

Thank you for taking an interest in Brownstone Insurance Managers and hearing about our unique product offering.
Brownstone Insurance Managers is a Managing General Agent that specializes in providing market access to licensed insurance brokers.
We are partnered with several main Insurance providers in Canada.  We underwrite, manage, and administer commercial insurance on behalf our Insurance partners.  Through us, Licensed Insurance Brokers have access to larger insurance markets for their customers.       
There are many benefits when dealing with  Brownstone Insurance Managers. Here are just a few:

  1. Fast, friendly and efficient Service.  Like our broker force, we are independent business people too.  We understand the unique  rigours of small business.
  2. Lower volume commitments.   Our requirements for a direct market contract are typically much lower than approaching a market individually.
  3. Ownership of business.  All our broker maintain ownership of business written through our office
  4. Full retail commission. 
  5. Size of book.   We have very good relationships  with our markets.  As an Associate Broker, you can tap into this relationship for all of our benefit.

Profit Sharing .  We offer a very competitive profit sharing plan for all our brokers.